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    the funniest Nintendo sound

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    The Funniest Nintendo Sound

    In 2007, Nintendo designer Yohe Miyagawa faced a peculiar challenge - creating sound effects for Nintendo's new fitness game, Wii Fit. Among these sounds were the three distinctive tones for the game's weigh-in screen, humorously named as BMI 2 Thin, BMI 2 Fat, and BMI Very Fat. While this may seem tactless at first glance, Nintendo handled the situation with sensitivity. The sound effects were designed in a light-hearted manner, adding a touch of humor to the gameplay experience.

    The sound for BMI Very Fat, in particular, became a favorite among players. Accompanied by a comical animation of the Mii character inflating like a balloon, this sound effect added an amusing element to the game. Despite the potential for offense, Nintendo managed to infuse a sense of playfulness into what could have been a sensitive subject matter.


    Nintendo, Wii Fit, sound effects, BMI, humor, sensitivity, animation, design, gameplay, player experience


    1. Why did Nintendo include sound effects for different weight categories in Wii Fit?

      • Nintendo included these sound effects to add a light-hearted and playful element to the game's weigh-in screen.
    2. How did players react to the BMI Very Fat sound in Wii Fit?

      • Despite the potential for offense, many players found the BMI Very Fat sound effect and animation amusing and entertaining.
    3. How did Nintendo handle the potentially sensitive subject matter of weight in Wii Fit?

      • Nintendo approached the design of sound effects and animations related to weight in Wii Fit with sensitivity and humor, aiming to create a fun and engaging gameplay experience for players.

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