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    tiktok creativity program beta earning only 1 vadio #ytshorts

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    TikTok Creativity Program Beta Earning Only 1 Video #YTShorts

    Friends, here you can check that there is a USA account. Okay, so here you can check its earning etc. and I will also show you how many videos have earned. If we come down here, then here you can check. There is only one video on which 80 rupees are fine, friends, there is earning on this account and this account is disqualified at this time, if it is fine then inshallah the video will be shared with you in which we will get the account recovered, it is fine. So this is a brother's account, you can check here, it has been disqualified due to unoriginal content, okay, if you also want to get your account recovered, you can contact us, okay, some normal fees will be taken from you, okay that. Apart from this, if you want to create a new account, then you can contact me for that also. Okay, then please like the video. Thank you for watching.


    • TikTok
    • Creativity Program
    • Earning
    • Video
    • Account recovery
    • Unoriginal content


    1. What is the TikTok Creativity Program Beta mentioned in the article?
    2. Why was the account discussed in the article disqualified?
    3. How can one contact the mentioned individual for account recovery or creating a new account?
    4. Are there fees involved in the account recovery process as mentioned in the article?
    5. What is the significance of liking the video as instructed at the end of the script?

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