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    tiktok video ideas that will go viral #shayari #vlog #balaji #bageshw #ram #love

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    TikTok Video Ideas That Will Go Viral #shayari #vlog #balaji #bageshw #ram #love

    This is the same village where this is the story of Param Puj Gurudev Sarkar. Share it as much as possible. Our father did not do anything. We used to take the bag when we were little. We took the bag at the age of one year, our mother gave us the bag. The people of the village used to go to the whole village on Amavasya. We used to give flour on the full moon day and use the same flour to make roti at home. Many times we had no luck even in the rainy season. We remember ours. We used to study in this village till the 8th standard. We used to have one pajama for one mother. Whatever it is, when it gets stained too much in three-four days, then Hanuman ji does a leela. He gets the clothes to wear. He washes the same pajama at night and leaves it to dry and wears the same in the morning and goes to school. Even today we keep it, even today we keep it, we have not forgotten. Even today we keep it, God forbid we forget as long as we live [Music]


    Village life, Param Puj Gurudev Sarkar, Childhood memories, Amavasya traditions, Daily struggles, Education challenges, Divine intervention, Gratitude, Hanuman ji's blessings


    1. Who is Param Puj Gurudev Sarkar mentioned in the article? Param Puj Gurudev Sarkar is the central figure in the story shared in the village, depicting his humble beginnings and life experiences.

    2. What are some of the challenges faced in the village as described in the article? The challenges include financial struggles, limited resources, and difficulties in obtaining basic necessities like clothes and food.

    3. How does Hanuman ji play a role in the narrative? Hanuman ji is mentioned as having a divine intervention in providing clothes for the protagonist, symbolizing blessings and protection in times of need.

    4. What is the significance of the shared childhood memories in the village? The shared memories highlight the simplicity and resilience of village life, emphasizing values of gratitude, perseverance, and faith in higher powers.

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