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    using an a.i. website to help make video effects...

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    I got into running around June I was very consistent, and then I started uploading daily on YouTube. However, this month has been a bit rough for me as I haven't been able to run much due to various reasons. In an attempt to get back on track, I decided to force myself to go for a run even though it was already dark outside. Despite the challenges, I managed to get out and run, which felt good. I also delved into using A.I. websites to enhance video effects, specifically focusing on creating a lightning overlay effect similar to the one in the Ken Carson rock and roll music video. By utilizing free A.I. resources, I was able to apply various effects to my footage, transforming the visuals and adding a unique touch to the video editing process.

    During the exploration of A.I. tools for video effects, I showcased techniques used in the Ken Carson rock and roll video, highlighting the process of generating a lightning overlay effect through A.I. platforms. By breaking down the steps involved in applying these effects, I demonstrated how users can stylize their footage using A.I. technology, providing a cost-effective and creative solution for enhancing video content.


    • Running
    • YouTube
    • A.I. websites
    • Video effects
    • Lightning overlay
    • Ken Carson
    • Rock and roll video
    • Free resources
    • Visual effects
    • Creative editing


    • How did the author use A.I. websites to enhance video effects? The author utilized A.I. websites to create a lightning overlay effect similar to the one in the Ken Carson rock and roll music video, showcasing the process of generating and applying these effects to footage for a unique visual experience.

    • What are some key highlights of the article? The article discusses the author's journey of balancing running commitments with daily YouTube uploads, challenges faced in the current month, and the decision to utilize A.I. websites for enhancing video effects. It also provides a step-by-step guide on using A.I. resources to create visually captivating effects in video editing.

    • How does the author emphasize the importance of getting outside and engaging in activities beyond video editing? The author highlights the significance of taking breaks from indoor activities like video editing to prevent burnout. By sharing personal experiences of going for a run despite the late hours and dark surroundings, the author encourages readers to prioritize outdoor activities for mental and physical well-being.

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