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    youtube create video editor app#youtube #facebook #viral #short

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    youtube create video editor app#youtube #facebook #viral #short

    Do you know that there is a new video editing software called White Create that has been launched? This software comes with a special feature that allows you to add music to your videos without worrying about copyright issues. In this article, we will guide you on how to use this video editing app.

    To start using the White Create app, you need to open it and click on the option 'Please add'. The software automatically adjusts the video quality, making it a convenient feature. You can then proceed with mixing your videos and editing them as needed. The app provides easy tools for cutting and modifying your video content.

    Now, let's dive into the details of using the White Create video editing software. First, open the app and click on 'Please add' to import your video. The app will automatically optimize the video quality for you, making the editing process smoother. You can then proceed with mixing and editing your videos as required. The app also offers tools for deleting unwanted video segments, giving you full control over your video content.


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    1. What is the name of the video editing software that allows music without copyright issues?
    • The software is called White Create and it offers a special feature for adding music to videos without copyright concerns.
    1. How can I adjust the video quality in White Create app?
    • The video quality in the White Create app is automatically optimized based on the input video, making it convenient for users.
    1. Can I delete unwanted video segments in the White Create app?
    • Yes, the app provides tools for cutting and deleting video segments, allowing users to customize their video content as needed.

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