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    Facebook VIDEO Frame or Thumbnail How to Change it or Edit it on Meta Business Suite in 2023

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    Facebook VIDEO Frame or Thumbnail How to Change it or Edit it on Meta Business Suite in 2023

    In this article, we will discuss how to change the thumbnail or frame of a video posted on Facebook using Meta Business Suite. Often, the default frame chosen by Facebook may not be ideal, so it's essential to know how to edit it for a more appealing appearance.

    Heather from Keep it Simple Social Media demonstrates the process step by step. Firstly, she mentions the issue of Facebook selecting a frame that may not be flattering, emphasizing the importance of changing it. She navigates through a Facebook business page and shows how to edit a posted video to modify the frame or thumbnail.

    To begin editing, locate the posted video on Facebook and click on the three dots menu icon. From there, select the video options to access the frame editing feature. You can either choose a specific frame from the video or upload a new image to serve as the thumbnail. It's crucial to ensure that the uploaded image is suitable in size and content to replace the existing frame.

    After making the necessary changes, save the edited video to apply the new thumbnail successfully. Keep in mind that the process for changing the frame on Instagram differs, requiring direct upload and selection of a cover during the posting process.

    Heather concludes with a reminder to keep things simple and offers assistance for any questions regarding the process.



    1. Can I change the thumbnail of a video posted on Facebook?

      • Yes, you can edit the thumbnail of a video on Facebook by accessing the video options through the three dots menu icon and selecting a new frame or uploading a custom image on Meta Business Suite.
    2. Is it possible to change the frame of a video posted on Instagram?

      • Changing the frame of a video on Instagram requires a different process compared to Facebook. You need to upload the video directly to Instagram and select a cover image during the posting to change the frame.

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