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    Use AI To Turn Images Into Videos!

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    Use AI To Turn Images Into Videos!

    In this video, we will explore different AI generation tools to create videos like the one you see on the screen. We will also learn how to turn ourselves into robots using a picture frame. Our journey will take us through various tools such as mid-Journey's panning feature, runways Gen 2 image-to-video feature, and kyber's cool effects. Ultimately, we'll bring everything together using DaVinci Resolve and see what we can create.

    To start, let's generate an image in mid-Journey. Imagine a friendly robot in a colorful alien world. We'll choose an aspect ratio of 16:9 to give it a wider image. After exploring different options, we settle on an image we like, and then we proceed to upscale the image and add a panning effect to create an animated video.

    Next, we experiment with runway's new Gen 2 feature, where we can upload our image and generate a video. We even learn a trick from William can hear on Twitter, where we use the last frame of the Gen 2 output as the image prompt for the next generation. This creates a video that smoothly transitions from one generation to the next.

    We pull all these videos into DaVinci Resolve and create a longer video by reverse playing the generated clips. We also add additional images and apply effects such as zooming and panning. Finally, we use kyber to add a different style to one of the images, creating a unique visual effect.

    In the second part of the video, we learn how to turn ourselves into robots using a picture frame. We record a video where we interact with the picture frame, and then use Wonder Studio to replace ourselves with a robot character. By overlaying the robot video with our original video in DaVinci Resolve, we create the illusion of transforming into a robot. We also explain how we animated the picture frame effect by keyframing a crop.

    Overall, this video demonstrates the creative possibilities when using AI tools such as mid-Journey, runway's Gen 2, kyber, and DaVinci Resolve. It shows how these tools can be combined to create unique and visually stunning videos.


    AI generation tools, image-to-video, panning feature, Gen 2, picture frame effect, DaVinci Resolve, creative possibilities, visually stunning videos.


    Q: What tools are used in this video? A: The video demonstrates the use of several AI tools, including mid-Journey, runway's Gen 2, kyber, and DaVinci Resolve.

    Q: Can I use these tools on any platform? A: Yes, all the tools showcased in the video can be used on both PC and Mac platforms.

    Q: Are these tools free to use? A: DaVinci Resolve is free to use, but you may need to check the pricing and availability of the other tools mentioned in the video.

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