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    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - 50+ TIPS, TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!

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    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - 50+ TIPS, TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES!

    In today's video, we are going to share 50+ tips, tricks, and features to customize your brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Let's dive in and get started!

    Step 1: The Detailed Article

    The first thing you need to do is give your smartphone a unique name. Simply go to Settings, scroll down, and tap on "About Phone." From there, you can edit the name of your phone. This name will be displayed when connecting to other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    Next, you can customize the app icon badges on your home screen. By pinching the screen and tapping on "Home Screen Settings," you can change the badges to dots instead of numbers. This provides a more simplified view of your notifications.

    You can also customize the swipe-down gesture on your home screen. Instead of going to the app drawer, you can set it to bring up the notification panel and quick toggles. This can be done by going to Home Screen Settings, tapping on "Swipe Down for Notifications Panel," and selecting the appropriate option.

    Another useful tip is to customize the Google search bar widget. By tapping on the 'G' icon, you can access the widget's settings and modify its appearance and text.

    Ensure you take advantage of the 120Hz motion smoothness feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. By going to Settings, selecting Display, and adjusting the Motion Smoothness option, you can experience smoother animations and scrolling. Keep in mind that choosing the high refresh rate will consume more battery.

    You can also customize your navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Under Display in Settings, navigate to Navigation Bar, and choose whether you want the navigation buttons or prefer gesture controls. There are various options available to suit your preference.

    For better sound quality, enable Dolby Atmos in the Sound Quality and Effects settings. This will enhance the audio output from the stereo speakers on your phone. Additionally, you can further customize the sound settings by adjusting the equalizer.

    When using the camera, you can customize the shutter button's position on the screen. Simply tap and hold the button, move it to your desired location, and release it. This allows for quick and easy access to the shutter button when taking photos.

    Enabling grid lines in the camera settings can help you align your shots better. This feature provides visual guidelines to assist you in achieving well-composed photos.

    Customizing your lock screen is also an option. You can add contact information, quotes, or personal messages, and even change the clock style and color. These customizations allow you to personalize your lock screen to your liking.

    Another useful feature is the ability to customize the shortcuts on the lock screen. By going to Lock Screen settings, you can change the left and right shortcuts to your preferred applications, giving you quick access to them without unlocking the phone.

    Activate the one-handed mode in the Advanced Features settings to make it easier to navigate your large phone with one hand. This feature reduces the screen size, allowing you to reach all areas of the screen with your thumb.

    Other notable features include double-tap to wake the screen, lift to wake, and easy mute. These options can be found in the Motions and Gestures settings and provide convenient ways to access your phone and manage calls or alarms with ease.

    These are just some of the tips, tricks, and hidden features you can utilize on your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Experiment with these settings and customize your phone to maximize your ownership experience.


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