Create viral videos withGPT-4o + Ads library

Topview is an online AI video editor that turns your links or media assets into viral videos in one click, empowered by Youtube & Tiktok & Facebook ads library, best editor to create, edit, and enhance videos using AI.

Your media assets

Your media assets

Raw product videos/images




Empowered by Ads library (5,000,000 top videos)


Viral videos

Viral videos


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Create various ads videos instantly by AI

One-stop AI-powered ad video creation

Ads library

Al extract insights from 5,000,000+ viral videos from YouTube & TikTok

Ads library

Script AI

GPT-4o learns from 5 million videos to write your best scripts.

Script AI

Video editing AI

Automatically create, edit, and beautify entire videos with AI.

Video editing AI

Real Al for video editing


AI script

Using GPT-4o, our tool learns from 5 million videos to write perfect scripts.


AI-powered clip selection and editing

AI automatically understands, selects, and edits your video clips.


Al voice over

OpenAI and ElevenLabs provide lifelike AI voices for professional, engaging video content.


Al avatars

Our AI tool provides diverse avatars designed specifically for marketing.


AI auto-caption

AI auto-generates diverse subtitle styles for viral short videos.


20+ language support

Supports 20+ languages and AI voices for comprehensive video solutions.

Create engaging marketing videos for every team

E-commerce marketing

High-quality videos that boost your online sales.

Product introduction

Highlighting the best features and benefits to customers.

App promotion growth

Create engaging promotional videos for app growth.

The easiest way to create product marketing videos

Boost your video efficienct by 5x with our web-based AI tool. No skills needed, at just 5% of the cost of a professional editor


production efficiency


editing skills required


cost of real employees

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