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Let AI help you make a Tiktok video

TopView AI Video Generator is a revolutionary platform designed for TikTok creators, enabling the swift transformation of text into viral videos. It automates scriptwriting, clip selection, voiceovers, and music, streamlining production. With its intuitive editing suite, TopView ensures each video is polished, helping creators quickly craft captivating content for TikTok virality.


Three steps to make a video by TopView AI video maker

Step 1:

Upload and Describe: Begin by uploading your video clips and providing a concise description of your TikTok content. This crucial step helps the AI grasp the essence and goals of your video, ensuring it tailors the editing process to suit the TikTok platform's unique dynamics.

Step 2:

Script Generation: Leveraging insights from analyzing countless successful TikTok videos, TopView.ai crafts a selection of compelling script ideas designed to go viral. Choose the script that best matches your content's intent and style, bypassing the need for a professional scriptwriter and streamlining your content creation.

Step 3:

AI-Powered Editing: AI-Driven Video Assembly: With your script selection in hand, the AI springs into action, intelligently arranging your uploaded footage to match the narrative flow of your chosen script. This results in a seamless and captivating video narrative tailored for TikTok audiences. Preview your creation, make any tweaks if needed, and then proceed to export your polished TikTok video, ready to capture attention and engage viewers.

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A game-changer for SMB user

As a small business owner, TopView.ai has been a game-changer for my marketing efforts. The AI-powered editor has made creating engaging videos a breeze. The script generation feature is particularly impressive, providing me with a range of viral hooks that have significantly increased engagement with my content. The AI Avatar and highlighted keywords in subtitles have added a professional touch to my videos that I never thought I could achieve on my own. I highly recommend TopView.ai to any business owner looking to elevate their video marketing strategy.


Transformed creator video creation process

TopView.ai has completely transformed my video creation process. The AI does all the heavy lifting, from generating viral scripts to organizing my clips into a cohesive narrative. The realistic voiceover feature is a standout, adding a level of sophistication to my videos that I haven't seen with other tools. Plus, the AI Avatar adds a unique touch that my audience loves. TopView.ai has not only saved me time but has also helped me create more engaging content. It's a must-have tool for any content creator.

Save time for professional video editor

As a professional video editor, I was initially skeptical about an AI-powered tool. But TopView.ai has blown me away. The AI's ability to analyze and learn from millions of successful ads is truly impressive. It's not just about cutting down editing time; it's about optimizing for impact and engagement. The generated voiceover is incredibly realistic, and the keyword-highlighted subtitles are a great touch. The AI Avatar is an innovative feature that adds a unique element to the videos. TopView.ai is a powerful tool that I now can't imagine working without it.


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