Turn Raw Footage Into Stunning Videos

Transform those video clips on your phone into professional-quality videos that grab attention.

Stop Struggling With Complicated Video Editors

In this digital age, eye-catching visuals are crucial for grabbing people's online attention. However, complex video editing software often means wasting hours learning the ropes instead of creating content. Top View's MP4 editor fixes that. Our editor uses artificial intelligence to automate the tedious parts of video editing so you can focus on being creative. Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or small business owner, Top View gives you the tools to make videos that look incredibly professional and engaging without the headaches.


Automatic Video Enhancement

Let the AI handle color correction, stabilization, and editing snags with a simple click. You won't have to struggle to fix shaky footage or dull colors.

Easy Editing and Effects

Crop, trim, add captions, and more with Top View's user-friendly editor. You can also apply filters, animations, and other effects to make your videos pop.

Fast, Shareable Videos

Once your edit is done, export it as an HD MP4 video ready to upload and share across YouTube, social media, websites, and more.

Video Editing Made Simple In 3 Steps

Top View is designed to make professional-level video editing easy for anyone, even those who have never used a complex video editor before.

Drop in Your Clips

To get started, you can drag and drop your video files, images, and other media assets into the editor.

Edit With a Few Clicks

Use Top View's clean editing interface to customize your footage - trim, crop, add text and captions, apply filters, and more with a few clicks.

Export in a Tap

When your video looks perfect, export it as a crisp HD MP4 file ready to upload and share online instantly.