Create Marketing Videos with trending video insights & GPTo

Use one link to upload your media assets and let GPTo do the rest video editing for you based on tons of trending video insights.

Why do Marketing videos with Topview

Script AI

Paste your product link, let the AI do the script based on insights generated from 430,000,000 tiktok videos.

Clip AI

No more cutting tools. GPTo understands your video and will create different clips for you automatically.

Editor AI

Let the GPTo mix the clip. AI decides the music and transitions for you automatically to create smooth viral videos in seconds.

How to do Marketing videos with topview ?

Simple steps to make Marketing videos with topview

Upload Assets & Fill Product info

upload your media assets from your computer and fill the product information

Choose the scripts

choosing one of the scripts we have generated for you

Export the video

confirm all the clips that we have been generating for you and export the video!

Video Creation Process

Video Quality and Output