Introducing Video Copilot by TopView: Your AI Wingman for Viral Videos

With Video Copilot, you have an intelligent AI assistant to help create videos that leave a lasting impression.


Elevate Your Video Strategy, Leave the Complexity Behind

In the digital age, video marketing is critical to cutting through the noise and capturing your audience's attention. But let's be honest - manually editing and optimizing videos for every platform can quickly become a massive time sink, draining your team's resources. That's where Video Copilot steps in, combining powerful AI capabilities with TopView's intuitive editing tools. Now, you can harness artificial intelligence to automate the heavy lifting, from optimizing videos for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to applying eye-catching effects that amplify engagement.

Smart Content Library Integration

Access an expansive library of stock footage, music, graphics, and animations curated for maximum virality. Video Copilot intelligently suggests relevant assets to incorporate seamlessly.

AI-Powered Video Optimization

No more manually adjusting aspect ratios, bitrates, and codecs. Video Copilot leverages AI to optimize each video for the best viewing experience across YouTube, social media, and more.

AI Video Enhancement Suite

From color correction and stabilization to upscaling resolutions, Video Copilot's AI applies professional post-production techniques to elevate your video quality instantly.

Your AI Copilot for Flawless Video Workflow

Video Copilot seamlessly integrates into your existing creative process, acting as your ever-present AI assistant to streamline video production.

Import Your Vision

Upload your raw video files, images, audio tracks, and other assets into the intuitive Video Copilot interface.

Engage the AI Copilot

With a click, activate Video Copilot's powerful AI to analyze your content, automatically applying optimizations and intelligent enhancements tailored to your goals.

Fine-Tune and Go Viral

Review the AI's work, make any final tweaks using TopView's full editing capabilities, and export your video, ready for seamless distribution and maximum impact.